Christmas Print sale

It is coming up to Christmas and it is a perfect time to purchase a strictly ONE OF A KIND Print for your loved ones! There are Eleven prints available and each tells a story. Give a gift to friends and family that will have them totes impressed!

Each Print is $225 each… Get in touch today!

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In Another Life

I was a Development Manager for a charity that ran programmes for boys. The problem wasn’t finding boys to have a great time with a quality programme tailored to their unique learning and recreational needs – it was finding MEN to volunteer to run the programme. Melody mentioned the immasculation of our society and I […]

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I miss him!

Going through the attic cleaning stuff… Found a picture of Dad and me… A wee bit nostalgic… Found a pic of Dad and Uncle Gary who we lost last year… Feels a bit weird thinking I am the last of our line with the Ronberg name.Sent from my iP…

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