no bull (easter 2008)


I thought I would start this photoblog off with a pic that I took back in March over the easter break. I re-discovered it recently and thought it would be a good way to kick off. I am only going to put up one pic each week… so it should be one of my favourite or bestish ones… 🙂 Hope you find it worthwhile to check out!

Here we go… The first up is a little pic taken in Howick on a walk near Somerville Road. It walks down to the estuary with a view to Whitford and beyond. These cows were just hanging out and I took the picture. I think I cropped it a bit to get the composition, and the result is something I am pleased with. One of the comments on Flickr thought that it looked like I interrupted their conversation… I liked that thought!

NO BULL (Nikon d40x with 55-200mm VR lens @ 55mm; f5.6: 1/400s: ISO 200: -1/3 stop exp comp) I think there was a teeny bit of post-processing in Lightroom – a little crop and vignette.


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