The battle within…

There is a story out there made popular by Dr James Dobson from Focus on the Family about two dogs fighting within us… whichever one we feed, wins the battle for control of us… he was entirely talking about good and evil in that cartoony kind of way where the good goofy would fight the bad goofy for control of… well… Goofy.I have a similar kind of battle when it comes to how to get the best out of Photography… I have a camera… it is entry level… but totally capable of taking a good enough picture… but I also think that with an extension of the gear I currently have, I would have more freedom of expression… The battle of two cameras rages on for control of my photographical expression… on one shoulder sits the faithful Nikon d40x which has been with me a wee while… it has had some fun and given me access to some pretty swift and meaningful learning curves… on the other sits a new D90 or D300 with tons of new-fangled bells and whistles that I KNOW would bring out even more in me… so the battle rages…My thought processes have even included the possibility that I might SELL MY GOLF CLUBS to raise the capital for the purchase of the new camera… I am sitting here thinking of what I might be able to sell on top of that… cricket gear… bike… hmmm… the mind boggles…OR I could just set up a website and try and sell a few photos that way…if you wanna buy… let me know! HEHE…


4 thoughts on “The battle within…

  1. I use a relatively cheap fuji PnS bridge camera, and various other film cameras. Some of my most favourite shots have been from a plastic camera.Trust me when I say that it is very likely that there is more still you could pull out of your current camera. There always will be. I think of it as "cameras law" :DHave you thought about some older manual lenses? I’m not sure if they make adapter rings for m42 to Nikon, but some great deals can be had on screw mount lenses on ebay which offers even more opportunities.

  2. I know what you mean – I have a loaner Nikon FE camera from the late 70s and loved the pictures I took with that! šŸ™‚ Film is fun and I can use the 50mm f1.4 on my Nikon as well as the 28mm f2.8 – they don’t meter or anything, but the process of making the pics is very enjoyable… šŸ™‚ I know I will be fine with what I have – but something about being a bloke and also loving gadgets make the grass seem WAY greener than it actually is on the other side!Thanks for the comment – I am just cracking up at seeing lots of people with big fancy cameras and they stick them on Auto… I think the real art of photography is in the seeing, not the clicking! only 2 more sleeps and the journey begins – I thought of getting up REALLY early for this one and capturing a sunrise for the beginning – might be a cool symbol of beginnings or something! šŸ™‚ Will see how we go! šŸ™‚

  3. Just do it Al, you know you want to ;-} I did and I don’t regret it.I went from a D50 to a D300, but my images did not improve – it was still the same idiot on the controls – and he didn’t have any new whiz bang features.Still, my (barely repressed) inner gadget freak was satisfied and I DO now have images that I would not have got without the D300. Mostly thanks to it’s higher ISO capability, better AF, much better viewfinder and instant access to things like metering and focus modes, ie it’s sensitivity and ergonomics. If I’m honest, many of the other bells and whistles, while making fantastic bullet points on a feature list, are rarely used. E.g. Live view was a big "feature" and if you are into tabletop macros then it is probably pretty awesome, but I rarely use it. When I have wanted to the camera has almost always been in a position where I can’t see the screen anyway as it doesn’t fold out. A 90Ā° viewfinder accessory works way better for me.So in summary, your D40x, with it’s manual controls, gives you all the creative latitude you really need and upgrading will probably not change that.BUT, on the other hand, better AF and higher usable sensitivity means that you will likely get many more keepers of your daughter, especially when like most kids, she really starts racing around.Cheers, bloke_with_camera

  4. hehe… this is just like the voices on the shoulder – that MUST make me GOOFY! Hyuck Hyuck…I will have to do some serious research – I don’t think I will be able to stretch as far as the D300 – but we will see… I am never going to be a golfer anyway! šŸ™‚

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