#1/365 – What’s REALLY Important…

my beautiful girl
my beautiful girl

Here it is… the very first step of this journey and I must admit – I deliberated long and hard over this one!!! Over a coffee on the North Shore yesterday, I sat with someone that is very important to me and was chatting about this little project and what I hope to achieve or “GET” out of the whole thing… I DON’T want this to be about “look at me – I can take photos…” or “look at me – I can write words in sentences and paragraphs…” I want this project to be simply about growing.

The last few years of my life have pretty much whizzed by and I freely admit to feeling a bit swept away by the pace of the change in my life and family… To have ‘survived’ is awesome – but I don’t want to settle for SURVIVE, when there is the possibility of THRIVE! I want the next 365 days to be about INTENTIONALLY being a part of my community, my family and the world I live in… I want to learn to be more deliberate in relationships and also in the choices that I make.

As I sat in the sun sipping a mochaccino in the cafe, I joked with my friend that wouldn’t it be fantastic to start this project by capturing a majestic sunset symbolising a new day dawning in my life… we both agreed that this might just be more cheesy than a big mac with extra cheese!

My first pic then, is representative of everything I hold dear… Emily is definitely someone that has come into my life to teach me about Love. As I write – she has walked in to my office/studio/spare bedroom and touched my guitar, turned around to look at me and said in the cutest voice you ever will hear – “Da-Dee”, Just writing it brings shivers! I think it is awesome to have someone in your life that you don’t have to convince with a long list of reasons why they should love you… I could try, but 5 words in she would lose interest! all I have to do is pick her up when she walks up to me – and that scores me a hug and a kiss!!! She is a little love-machine I tell you!

I hope that there is someone in your life like Emily. That no matter what we have been through, no matter what we do – offers their love freely to us. I want to be that type of person – but as we all know – it’s a struggle! I am forever grateful for my faith and the very fact that what is offered to me in choosing to follow Jesus Christ – is a free gift of this kind of love. Not the bondage of religion, but a new-fangled kind of love that changes lives, worlds and hearts!

I promise that this project WON’T be 365 photos of Emily… 🙂 IT would be tempting though… 😉


2 thoughts on “#1/365 – What’s REALLY Important…

  1. good luck al!

    I have a six month old daughter so I can only agree with your sentiments about emily.

    Your definitely starting this project with the right attititude.



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