#7/365 – Ladybirds and Buses

Our little Garden ornaments keep us entertained for hours...
Our little Garden ornaments keep us entertained for hours...

Well I made it to a week – who would have thought? I have been trying to think of a way to take an interesting picture of our garden ornaments that we purchased for Emily’s 1st Birthday – it was a rainbow theme… I thought the real contrast of the bright windmill-thingy with the dark fence was pretty cool. (Even cooler with a bit of Photoshoppery).

I can definitely think of times in my life where there has been a real brightness shining out of the darkness. A kind of light at the end of the tunnel moment… Being able to hold on to hope when it seems that hope makes no sense at all, is a real skill to learn. We know in life that for some, the glass is half-full and for others, it is half-empty and for those engineers out there, the glass is twice the size that it needs to be… The things that keep me stable when it seems like stuff is too big or too hard to face are quality friends and family, quality mentors and spending time gaining some perspective…

This sounds like a great time to share my “Bus” analogy with the world… I maintain copyright at all times and hope to make my millions from this little story… hehe – maybe Millions in Zimbabwean currency anyway…

Christine and I went on a holiday with my Family in Twizel, my birthplace and a nice spot for a summer break. We went on a little excursion to Mt Cook and half way along Lake Pukaki, stopped to enjoy the stunning view of New Zealand’s highest mountain. Whilst enjoying what is pretty much the BIGGEST thing we have in NZ, a large tour bus pulled up in front of us and for that particular moment, blocked the view of MT Cook!!!

A few things occured to me in a moment of contemplation some time afterwards… I realised that at that point in time, that tour bus was totally in my face and the largest thing in my world… I had to remember that it was ONLY BECAUSE the bus was in my face that it seemed so large – with a few steps backwards, sideways, up a ladder or shimmying underneath the bus, my lovely view of the mountain would once again be restored.

Sometimes because the “STUFF” we are going through is so ‘in our face’, it clouds out our perspective on things. From a spiritual perspective (as I am that way inclined) God is the mountain and our problems are the bus… by letting our friends and family move us backwards, sideways, up or under – we can appreciate that God is actually bigger than our problems, it is simply a matter of perspective.

This doesn’t serve to minimise any issues you might be facing, but encourage you to lean on your friends and family to help you get things in their proper perspective… sometimes it is a process, other times it is an epiphany-like event.

I hope this helps…


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