#8/365 – Amanda


Bumping into random friends and sharing a pint is the best thing about living in a close community!
Amanda is just like a little sister to me… I think the best thing about having been a Youth Pastor is that I have a bunch of awesome young people that I have shared a part of their lives at some stage or another… Amanda is someone that I have seen grow in leaps and bounds in her life and it is awesome when we get to catch up!I love the fact that I live in a small-town like community in Howick – the fact that I can usually bump into someone I know when walking around or at the mall or something is very cool! I definitely missed that when living overseas – pretty crazy living in London… you could walk for days and not come across a familiar face! IN saying that though, we did have the occasional bumping in to someone – like a friend of Christine’s on the Tube.I love that in a world that is very centred towards self-absorbedness (I know its not a real word)… that I have people that I really love catching up with! People that aren’t just settling for a boring existence, but are out there experiencing and changing the world!Amanda is up in the skies with Air New Zealand, and I can’t wait for the day when she scores me a feed on a flight somewhere!!! 🙂 Amanda – YOU ROCK!


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