#9/365 – I pity the fool…


I still have my original A-Team van complete with BA Baracus action figure... he is now more flexible than me.
I can remember the 80s like it was just yesterday (WARNING: Nostalgic Post follows!!!).In the 1980s you could happily run around all afternoon playing cricket at a mate’s place… digging massive holes in the vacant land next to the school… Pull each other around the school field on a frosty morning leaving awesomely long trails behind you… You could play catch and kiss and DEFINITELY not want to catch or be caught by the girls! You could climb the old Walnut Tree in the school grounds, and make HUGE piles of leaves when it lost it’s leaves in the Autumn. You could have “fights” just to prove you weren’t chicken (and then hide half the afternoon from the grandfather of the boy you fought – HEY… Testosterone was kinda new at the time!!!)… You could float down the river before there was a lake there… and you could wear shorts when all the adults were wearing trousers… man we were tough.The 1980s were so carefree as a young nipper… I think that in some respects, I would love to have the same carefree attitude now, that I had back then… Life would be simple! No mortgages, no need to upgrade stuff to newer stuff that does the same thing… no need to worry about young people today…I think that our young people today are missing out on digging holes, building forts, throwing stuff at other stuff… floating down rivers, walking in forests, fixing things that you broke… I reckon we all need to lobby the government to re-work the system of time and make it 1983 again! We could get cheaper houses, food and bring back 10-cent K-bars, 20-cent “Mixtures” and 15-cent Popsicles. There would be 1,2 and 5 cent coins, 1 and 2 dollar notes… And the movies would have an intermission where you could buy more Jaffas to roll down the Aisle or if you were feeling particularly naughty – throw down the front!Oh well – I guess I will have to settle for today… and try and make the most of it!I would love to hear the things you remember from the 80s… or if you are younger, things your parents told you! 🙂


2 thoughts on “#9/365 – I pity the fool…

  1. I do so look forward to the day Emily digs a HUGE hole in your lawn … just after you have mowed it……… kids need to be outdoors, exploring and experiencing the world.

  2. Oh the carefree days of digging holes, building forts and doing anything possible to not be in the house. The only time we’d go in was for dinner or when the street lights came on – they were our signal to get home because we certainly didn’t want dad to come find us. The evenings were always a time of family fun – playing Atari together, playing board games like Life, Sorry or Monopoly or just spending time. I went to visit my parents last week and they brought out our old Shogun Warriors Godzilla (and it was still filled with sand from our childhood home). It was quite the cool little toy – his fist was spring loaded and you could push the button to make it go flying into the face of a sibling. :)I think the "whippersnappers" of today have a much different life than us 80’s kids did. I rarely see kids outside playing here in my part of the world. They are all inside playing their video games or talking on their own mobile phones. I could’ve never fathomed having a phone in my own room, much less a mobile phone at that age. They’re missing out on the true creativity of youth where a kid can entertain themselves all day without requiring something man made. I’m glad we are from the generation that got outside and enjoyed the great outdoors before we were forced to grow up and become part of the working world.If you get them to return time to the 80’s again, please ask that they enact mandatory naps as well. I miss those from the kindergarten days and would appreciate the rule more now than I ever did then.

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