#11/365 – Longing for Home


This rock in Makara Bay, Wellington... appears to stare longingly at the South Island - I was too!
The South Island is somewhere that truly gives me a sense of HOME. I feel more relaxed, more ME really when I am in the South Island. I remember being on Holiday with Christine and it was awesome… we went to Twizel and around Central Otago and then up around Nelson and Greymouth… What an awesome time… we flew back to Auckland and had to go to a meeting in the city… I can very vividly remember the feeling of total dejectedness and oppression we felt as we meandered slowly along the motorway… Auckland can feel like a necessary evil at times…I am fully aware that this may change as we grow our family… we don’t often head in to the city, and Howick definitely feels like a community that we are a part of… we can walk down the street and bump in to people we know… but… it’s still Auckland!I had a fantastic time tonight with a friend from Auckland (Rhett) as we drove out to Makara – walked up the hill to watch the sun set… followed by FANTASTIC Indian food at CURRY HEAVEN in Petone – it was the BEST Curry I have had in a long time!!! Chicken Saagwala set to Medium!I look forward to going to Nelson in a few weeks to set foot on the beautiful Scenic South and lose myself in the Marlborough Sounds for a week and a bit… Bring it on!!! 🙂


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