#12/365 – Mt Victoria @ Dusk


Looking out from Mount Victoria - a beautiful way to spend an evening
Looking out from Mt Victoria in Wellington provides 360 stunning degrees of simply outstanding scenery. On a night like tonight, you simply can’t find a better place to nibble on your KFC!!! The white streak in this picture is the Interislander Ferry from Wellington to Picton – a trip I made many times as a child and one that at times, can be excessively stormy and I have had my fair share of lost lunches on the way over. There was a few times when it was REALLY bad and people were throwing up all over the place, and you would find me up the front of the boat absolutely enthralled with the massive waves coming across the bow! I never minded the tossing of the boat… (I won’t go into more detail lest this post turn into a re-enactment of that fantastic scene in Stand By Me when everyone spews at the pie-eating competition!).There are times in our life when things are like being on the boat… when we are tossed about and the journey seems more backwards than forwards! I find great comfort that whatever I face in life, I face it with the support of a community that cares for me and knowing that the person at the helm of my life has weathered many a storm before.


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