#16/365 – I love my Nana

Emily LOVES being re-united with her Nana...
Emily LOVES being re-united with her Nana...

My Mum lives in Manchester England, England… across the Atlantic Sea… (lyrics courtesy of the musical HAIR)… and as such, doesn’t get to see Emily so often (apart from daily Skyping)… so we are loving having a bit of time to spend with Nana!

Life is filled with little opportunities to make memories with family and friends and we like to make time to spend time with family. We are very lucky to have family that are INCREDIBLY supportive and present in our lives. My in-laws are people that are amazing role-models – they live for each other and we enjoy the occasional tipple with them!!! I really appreciate how much they bring to our lives and how generous they are with their time and food!

My family are also very generous and kind with their resources and affection – we are very lucky!

I hope that in life – you have people that are going to benefit from your appreciation and love at Christmas! It is such an important time of the year and I pray that you have a fantastic time remembering that shopping isn’t the reason we have a celebration – that there is someone that we need to remember above all else at Christmas!

I got really annoyed at K-Mart yesterday when people were walking around with t-shirts that said “K-mart – where Christmas Begins…” I was well annoyed! Christmas begins with a tiny little boy in a manger that just so happened to be the saviour of the universe! Consumerism might begin with our retailers… but Christmas still belongs to Jesus!


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