#18/365 – Dedication Day

Emilys Dedication was today - what a fantastic spot!
Emily's Dedication was today - what a fantastic spot!

As a family, we are very excited about our little girl… Emily is such a joy to be with, she is gorgeous, quite bright and socially very aware. Today we were very grateful to have our close family join with us at Cockle Bay for a little celebration service and the day turned out to be a stunner. Christine’s Dad lead things for us and gave us an awesome challenge to bring Emily up with strong Christian convictions. We of course, take up that challenge willingly!

WE are so grateful for our family. A thought occurred to me recently about how tough it is to bring up kids! We found that the first few months with Emily were very challenging – with two of us (and our extended family) working pretty well together… on most occasions… In our country there are a host of Mums and Dads that are bringing up their kids on their own… I have the upmost respect for these people! The job I work in helps to provide opportunities for boys to have male role-models in their lives again… something that is in ever-decreasing supply. I certainly hope that opportunities come your way to support people that are toughing it out with little or no support… If we look closely, opportunities are knocking on our door from all over the place!

Bless you today on a day where I feel SUPER-blessed myself. My family are the blessing… a beautiful wife, an uber-adorable daughter and family around us that want the best for us in all circumstances! What more could I want… apart from a new D90.


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