#19/365 – “Let’s Sing!” with Jarrod… :)


Jarrod is a LEGEND... Mel in the Background - she is a LEGEND too! SO many legends, so little time!
I love it when people that I have worked with really “get” what you ever hoped that they might get from you… Through my journey I have been a Youth Pastor and as such, I always hoped that one thing that the young people I worked with might have gained from the work I have done with them, is to live life to the fullest… to be a passionate, involved and intentional part of their community. Both Jarrod and Mel come from families that have modelled this to them at a young age, so I am just another cog in the gears that keep them moving. What I DO love about these young people is how much they are giving back to the community. They are both involved in Youth Leadership, Music and are AWESOME role-models to the people around them… They have pushed themselves hard in their music and life, and the amazing thing is… that even that isn’t good enough for them!!! They always want, and expect, more in life… they are not ones to settle into a groove… they want to be out making their own grooves that others can happily follow! :)I had the pleasure, privilage and honour of Baptising Mel, and being closely involved in Jarrod’s life and know that the investment I have made in their life, is bearing more fruit than I ever could have hoped that they would… I like that… that God takes what is already pretty good… and makes it pretty darned fantastic! Whatever you do – don’t EVER settle on it – expect more, drive hard to be the best and use whatever it is to make the world a better place!!!Colossians 3:23 “Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”


One thought on “#19/365 – “Let’s Sing!” with Jarrod… :)

  1. So stoked to read this! I think I should frame it and put it on my wall.I really appreciate all the encourangement and mentouring you’ve given me and it was an honour to have you baptise me a few years ago… funny that it goes both ways.I really like that verse you included with this post, and talked about on sunday nite… i think it was a timely reminder that God apprieciates all the hard work i put in even when I feel like it goes unnoticed by people sometime.Cool photo too!!

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