#20/365 – It’s raining outside, but the sun is out in the house…


I love those things in life that no matter what your mood, they brighten your day… in this case, it is bright flowers on a soggy day… but there are plenty of things that just warm you from the inside out… Here is my top ten list of things that make me melt!

  1. When you are speaking in a church service and from up the back a little voice cries in recognition… “DADDY!!!”
  2. When you have been working hard at something, and someone recognises the effort you have made.
  3. When you have mowed your lawns and someone offers you a “nice cold one“…
  4. When you have worked through a year and then you get to go to the Marlborough Sounds with all the people you love the most in the world…
  5. When you have worked really hard at something, and you are allowed to buy the new NIKON D90… (HINT HINT HONEY!!! It’s ok – I don’t think she reads this…)
  6. When you go to a meeting and someone knows you like Lolly Cake, so they make it for you, and THEN you get to take the leftovers home and share it with your loved ones… (although a disproportionate amount may have been picked at in the car on the way home).
  7. When you haven’t seen a friend for a very long time, and you hang out and you might as well live together with how easy it is to pick up where you left off.
  8. When you are developing your gifts and someone compliments your work, and ALSO makes honest critiques that stretch and grow you even further.
  9. When you write a nice song and it sounds pretty cool, but then you go and play it with people that are very good at Cello, Guitar, Violin, Drums and singing… AND IT SOUNDS BETTER THAN YOU EVER DREAMED POSSIBLE!
  10. When you ask a girl to marry you… and she says YES… after having asked her parents and THEY said yes… 🙂

What are the things that make you melt? I would love to hear!!!


One thought on “#20/365 – It’s raining outside, but the sun is out in the house…

  1. What makes my heart melt is when I take lolly cake to a meeting, because I think someone will appreciate the gesture, and they are really stoked … even a few months later!

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