#21/365 – Strumming my face with her fingers…


I remember singing that song with my fav aunty in the whole wide world in her lounge in Tawa… she is a fantastic aunty… I highly commend her to you if you are ever in need of one… 🙂 She has an awesome heart and works as a teacher in the toughest of classroom situations… and she knows how to party… 🙂

I have just been at band practice with the fantastic people that I get to work with in our band… we have a kinda fresh sound that we are developing and I really look forward to our gig coming up on the 18th of January at Cession. We will have the run of the night and I really feel that God wants to set a challenge out there for taking 2009 by the “balls” to use a particularly vulgar expression… There are a million and one opportunities out there waiting to be grasped… events, programmes and community services that are mere dreams waiting to pop into our heads at the right moment… I CAN’T wait to see what is in store and know that my goal for the new year is to be actively looking for new ways to make a difference!

I hope you are up for the journey and the challenges that lie ahead… I know I am…

What are your dreams for 2009? What are you going to do to make your world a better place? Let me know by posting a comment… don’t forget – I am still waiting for your comments on what makes you melt on yesterday’s post!!!


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