#27/365 – Tanked

#27/365 - Tanked

This could possibly make me sound like a hypocrite after my earlier rant about commercialism at Christmas… but I have a good reason for it… We had our family Christmas with the Auckland Crew the other night and Christine’s Brother gave us this awesome fishtank kit! It has the pump and all those bits and pieces… pretty much everything except the fish! I LOVE IT… and I am going to tell you why… it is a gift that will be used and appreciated every day and something that will knit itself into the fabric of our family. Emily will learn the responsibility of caring for something, and also about life and death if we don’t get the mix right… so GOOD ON YA UNCLE JAMES!!! 🙂

I called this picture “tanked” for more than just the obvious fact that this is a picture of a fish tank… at this time of year we are heading into a holiday season here in NZ – many of us may feel empty after a year of working hard… saving hard… partying hard… sacrificing hard… living hard… whatever you are into… we can all feel like we are running low at this time of year. Many people will be worrying about the year ahead being more of the same… financial pressures, work pressures, all of those things that tend to weigh us down rather than keep us afloat… My plan for this year is to not spend all my time paddling to stay afloat, but to connect more and more with the world around me, with my creator and with my community in order to be part of something that is moving in exciting ways… I don’t intend to be a victim of the daily grind – but someone that makes things happen. This year won’t be about my tank running dry or anything like that – it will be about trying my best to be someone that fills other people’s tanks! Matthew 11:28 says – Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Let’s be people that know where the source of the life-giving water for our tank is!!! 🙂

I leave you with the words of Paul Colman in Fill my Cup:

Come on you lately come on and rescue me
‘Been at you lately but I’ve been more at me
Love is a lesson I never learned at school
Sick in bed that day and so I play your fool

Sick of this sea-saw of going up and down
Promised consistency to you in my wedding vow
Call me up whisper in my ear
Fell like a calendar from another year

Fill my cup to the top with running water
Call me out and show me how

Talk to me without manipulation
Shoot from the hip you’ll shock the congregation
Wake me up whenever supper’s ready
Break bread and wine but still I’m feeling empty

You gotta show me how show me how

I feel light I could float up to you weights and all
I feel like a bridge on the water connecting your shore
Start me up and let me fly with you
This barren ground these bones are dry and empty


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