#48/365 – I think its time I did the lawns…


There are consequences in life… bottom line! We just got back from a fantastic holiday in the South Island yesterday and there are plenty of consequences… the one that will effect me the most in the next few days is THE LAWNS! Three weeks of what seemed to be moisture-laden weather in Auckland has seen a bumper crop of Dandelions and other lawny type plants take over the back yard… so it seems that if you want the luxury of a good lengthy holiday, then you have to bear the consequences of lawn clippings when you get home!

It is funny that many people I know in churchy circles seem to think that God waves some crazy consequence wand and we are all protected from the big bad world… They think that if they do something they know is wrong, but then ask for forgiveness, all will work out well… there are plenty of teen-pregnancies, divorces, fraud, abuse and all sorts of horrible nasty things out there in terms of consequences, and people that lose their faith when they still have to go through the pain of consequences after actively doing naughty things…

I have done some stupid things in my days… one of them was to create a whole (un)reality when I moved to a new school at the age of 12… I made up a story about how cool I was back home, and how I was in the Soccer and Cricket REP teams and all that… My hope (I can only guess) was that people might like me if I was this cool guy and great sports star… It only took about 20 seconds on the sports field for me to be proved a liar and braggart (old school lingo… I liketh…). What was intended to be something that set me up for friends, the good life and popularity… actually made me worse off than if I had just sat back and been part of the furniture…

When I became a follower of Jesus… I somehow managed to work out that what I had brought into, with this whole life of faith thing, meant I never had to be someone I am not, ever again… The people around me accepted me for who I was… and kept me honest. I must have had great spiritual mentors (they know who they are) for me to work out that I could just chill and let God work in me to grow and stretch me through the good, the bad and the ugly… (and since I made the decision to follow Jesus, I have had more than my fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly). Through all the situations I have faced in my time of being a disciple of Jesus, I have never EVER made it about getting what I want from the galactic wish dispenser… it has been living a life of faith and hope and trust that has brought more than sufficient reward in my character, in my outlook on life, and in my relationships with the people around me. There have been consequences to my decisions, good and bad – but they are mere droplets in an ocean in which every ripple is sustained by the one with the power to calm the storms.


One thought on “#48/365 – I think its time I did the lawns…

  1. The best song to listen to with this post is Dandelions by Five Iron Frenzy:In a field of yellow flowers,underneath the sun,bluest eyes that spark with lightning,boy with shoes undone.He is young, so full of hope,reveling in tiny dreams,filling up, his arms with flowers,right for giving any queen.Running to her beaming bright,while cradling his prize.A flickering of yellow light,within his mother’s eyes.She holds them to her heart,keeping them where they’ll be safe,clasped within her very marrow,dandelions in a vase.She sees love, where anyone else would see weeds.all hope is found.Here is everything he needs.Fathomless your endless mercy,weight I could not lift.Where do I fit in this puzzle,what good are these gifts?Not a martyr, or a saint,scarcely can I struggle through.All that I have ever wanted,was to give my best to you.Lord, search my heart,create in me something clean.Dandelionsyou see flowers in these weeds.Gently lifting hands to heaven,softened by the sweetest hush,a Father sings over his children,loving them so very much.More than words could warrant,deeper than the darkest blue,more than sacrifice could merit,Lord, I give my heart to you

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