#49/365 – Paint me a sunset

#49/365 - Paint me a sunset...

Tonight I had the honour once again of hanging out with some very cool friends… they also happen to be the members of the band we have formed… it was great to play some tunes and plan out what is going down for our GIG THIS SUNDAY!

Whilst there, the sky decided to become very AWESOME indeed… and I of course, had my camera handy… It would only be made more awesome a moment had we been singing “Our God is an Awesome God” when I noticed… we weren’t… but that would have been nice.

One of the things that I LOVE about New Zealand is how easy it is to get in to the great outdoors and naturey type places… I love tramping and being in secluded places… Being able to merge this love with my passion for Photography is truly something that I am appreciative of! 🙂 The times when I feel closest to my creator, is when I am out amongst the world that he created.

I had the FORTUNE of going down to the Central Plateau one Auckland Anniversary weekend and doing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing… it was a truly spiritual and refreshing experience… I am SOOOO glad I didn’t go to the Parachute Meat Market/Music Festival instead! I remember Easter Camps at Foxton Beach as a teenager… the stars there were quite amazing and definitely gave you a sense of your place in the world… Stars are something that really blow my mind… the best are found in Central Otago in a little dot on the landscape called Bendigo, although the ones I saw in Waipara last year were also pretty sweet… and let’s not forget the Marlborough Sounds too… I have a bit of a fascination with space… stars, comets, planets, satellites… I am unbearable when we are camping and it is late at night… my cousins still speak of when I taught them to spot satellites…

The vastness of space helps me to remember that the God whom I follow is HUGE! Bigger than anything else I could even conceive of… yet despite this HUGENESS, He is personal and chooses to offer me a relationship… this blows my mind and fuels my thoughts as I get out and appreciate what was created for me to appreciate. The world decaying saddens me… whether it be through Global Warming, War, Famine or deforestation and over-population, it saddens me to think that we have somehow become more focused on consuming all that we can in the world, and not on protecting what is given to us to look after and ENJOY… What can I do about it? The problem is immense, and seemingly insurmountable… but I CAN look after what I have around me… I can do lots of things in the world around me, and just hope that we will still have a beautiful sunset to appreciate when Chris and I are sitting on the porch of some ‘one-day-our-dreams-may-come-true’ beach house overlooking a beautiful ocean. And just maybe, as we set to retire for the evening, a beautiful dolphin will jump out of the water just as we turn to head inside and have a tickle-fight with the grandkids…


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