#50/365 – Emma Daken


Today I had the fantastic privilege of a coffee with Emma Daken. Emma has just finished the HUGE task of walking the LENGTH of New Zealand to raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis… The length of New Zealand is 2240kms and Emma did this in 70 days!!! That is on average 32kms per day… when you factor into the equation that 21 of these days were rest days… the average that Emma walked on the 49 walking days is 46kms a day… Emma effectively walked 49 Marathons in 70 Days!!!!! A few weeks ago I took a photo of an L&P bottle saying that I earned a glass of it after merely mowing the lawns… If we applied this same rule of thumb to Emma, we would have to give her the freaking factory!!!

This photoblog was formed out of a desire to be more involved in the world around me… my absolute hope is that through this journey, I get to meet more people like Emma! People that see needs, and with considerable sacrifice, do what they can to meet them! Emma had a friend with CF, and as part of caring for her friend, sought to bring awareness and much-valued funds to research and support treating a horrific condition! She didn’t try to walk a mile in her friend’s shoes… she knew that she could never understand the day to day dealing with CF… but she walked a fair few miles in her own shoes (Multiple pairs!!!), all the while battling Shin Splints and fatigue. During her travels she met many people that had their own brushes with CF, through suffering themselves, or through losing loved ones. Emma’s ears were given a good workout and I am sure that people left feeling much better for having met Emma!

I hope that wherever you are, you will always be looking for opportunities to make a difference.

You might like to consider donating to Emma’s cause and you can do so by visiting . Emma also has a blog that you can check out with all the stories of the ups and downs at

Congratulations Emma… you did a marvellous job and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next… that’s the best part… Emma isn’t the type of person to leave it there… for her, the journey isn’t over… it’s just begun! 🙂


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