#61/365 – Happiness is your Dad, a Kayak and the deep blue sea.


My friend Jared is the kind of Dad I want to be… he is super dedicated and juggles the world of work, family and playing shredding guitar in our little band. Today we went to the beach to play on his Kayak and swim… Emily had a blast and got to ride on top of the Kayak… Jared is someone that I have a huge amount of respect for. His heart, passion and loyalty as a friend leave me humbled and grateful for his influence in my life. There is even talk of an arranged marriage between Emily and Jared’s son number two… heck, we would be stoked with either of his boys – they are both awesome! Jaedon (the one in this picture) is one of the most social and friendly kids I have ever met, and I have worked with kids forever… He walked into a brand new childrens church a few months ago, filled with strangers and said “Hi, I’m Jaedon and this is my Dad!”… at the tender age of 2-nearly 3.

It is great to have role-models in our life… I love that I have friends like Jared… I don’t put them on a huge pedistal or anything, but just admire qualities that they have and hope that by hanging out a bit, they will rub off on me! Who do you have in your life that makes you want to be better!?

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