#71/365 – Juggling Suns…


Playing in the backyard...

I had one of those moments the other day where it definitely helped having worked with kids for a fair few number of years… When Christine and I went to the Le Grande Cirque show in town… I had managed to get us front row seats! The thing that I DIDN’T expect was for the ring-master/clown type guy to pull me up on stage and try and make me look silly in front of a couple of thousand people! He had a bit of fun by going down and sitting in my seat and putting his arm around Christine and the lady on the other side of me… Then he came back up and decided that he would make me look even sillier than just standing up on stage like a dingbat… and he challenged me to a juggling duel… he showed off to the crowd and did a few things… then made me try them… the coolest thing was… I MANAGED TO DO THEM!!! He was well bummed and I got a huge cheer from the crowd… it was juggling little silk hankies from above… I never did it before, but the concept is the same as juggling three balls… which I can do for a wee bit… so instead of looking entirely stupid (dressed in his Top Hat and Bright Red Tails)… I beat him at his own game… he seriously was the BEST MC/CLOWN/That sort of thing.. that I have ever seen… he was WELL FUNNY!!! 🙂

So as 2009 starts, and you are thinking about how you are going to juggle all the things that life throws at you, just spare a thought back to the fact that I am living proof that you can juggle… admittedly it was only a few hankies… but the principle is the same!! 🙂

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