#72/365 – NoiseMaker


My USB Mic

Life is far too quiet if you ask me!!! We aren’t very good at talking to each other anymore… unless of course you include instant messages, facebook, texting, or e-mail… Anything where our gob remains firmly shut is all-too-soon becoming a primary means for communication. There was an ad on the telly not so long ago for a product or service I have long since forgotten… but the Dad basically HAD to text his daughter (who was sitting on the sofa in the same room as him) that is was time for dinner… She shouldn’t even have a flipping cellphone at her age… They are just devices designed to remove money from kids and in NZ, we are certainly getting ripped off!

This morning I sat down with Emily and we read my old Children’s Bible that I got when I was 4 from my God-Parents in Invercargill… she was excited at the pictures, the names of the people (she had a fair crack at saying Jesus!) and the colours and animals in the stories…It was the SOUNDS that got her going!!! By relying so heavily on text-media, are we removing a world of colour and sound and expression from our lives? By interacting with my daughter this morning, I thought back to all the things that I learned from stories and people’s experiences when I was growing up… What would I be like if they only ever texted me… What happens when this generation of young people have to get up and give a speech or something… will they freak out because they don’t have the skills to interact with other human beings face-to-face???

I have decided that I am going to be a noise-maker!!! Someone that isn’t afraid to use their lungs instead of their finger to communicate… We think that to make a difference in the world we need to have a great website, a media campaign, a facebook group and a YouTube site… well… I reckon real change will come when we let our SELVES do the talking and don’t pass the buck!

I think the ironic thing about this right now, is that I am WRITING this Rant about writing…

Anyway – I hope you may join with me in making a noise wherever you are!!!

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