#73/365 – Lava Sunset


Friday was pretty crazy… spent a good 3-4 hours travelling to Pakiri Beach in Rodney District… it is a stunning beach with 14km of pure white sand with awesome crashing waves! It was a bit gloomy on and off when we got there, but still lovely. I went for a walk on the beach with my camera in the early evening once the in-laws had rolled up and bumped into a fellow member of the NZ flickr meetups group I belong to… the ones I went to muriwai a few weeks ago (see day 60’s Post)… The world is small – but Photographers aren’t exactly easy to miss… especially when they carry a whopping great 50-500mm sigma lens with them!!! Cheers Gav – nice to meet up!

The sky tonight was amazing – so many shots, but this rather ‘different’ shot stood out to me as representative of the evening and the day – a bit windy and surrealish… 🙂 I added a tiny bit of photoshoppery to this pic by blending in a texture of some concrete I took a photo of – the combined effect actually makes it look like there is lava in the sky which I thought was kind of nice! 🙂

Getting away with family is awesome… Just not being pressured by time or place is pretty sweet – going somewhere like Pakiri where the options to head out are more limited than some other places, helps you to focus on investing time in the people closest to you… Enjoying a chat and little tipple late into the night is a treat and something that I truly value… building a relationship with those that it is easiest to take for granted is really worthwhile! 🙂 Bless you all heaps and I hope you are encouraged to treasure what you hold dearest!!!


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