#74/365 – BYO Shelter



Saturday is the birthday of the apple of my eye – and we spent it relaxing and grilling on the beach… I learned many things at the beach:

  1. I learned EXACTLY what it is like to be my washing… I got stuck several times in the washing machine of Pakiri Beach – the surf was swirling and a-whirling with HUGE waves and as we played about in the swell, there were several times when we were tumbled over and over again! šŸ™‚ I now have a new empathy for my clothes!!!
  2. I learned that RE-APPLYING sunscreen CONSTANTLY is the only way to go… MARINATE in it if you must… the after effects of NOT doing this are pretty unbearable! I thought I had done enough… but hadn’t and now feel like a marshmallow in the fire of life!
  3. IF you insist on cooking your wife, make sure you put her on a rotisserie so she cooks evenly and not just on the rump!
  4. Don’t drop your Circular Polarising Filter in the sand – it doesn’t make for fun photography
  5. WEAR SUNSCREEN, Dance the funky chicken and do something that scares you… hmmm… sounds like a song coming on!!!

After the beach, we headed in to Leigh for some ordinary fish and chips and Pizza – next time I would go somewhere different as two of the most prominent things that Christine was rewarded with on her birthday was a rather unwell tummy and sunburn in places where you don’t want to have sunburn! Happy Birthday honey… hope you like the gifts!Next year we are going to stay at home me-thinks!!!


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