#75/365 – Goat Island


WOWSERS!!! Now that’s a word that pretty much sums up the time we spent at Goat Island today… the conditions were PERFECT for a jolly good snorkelling! I love getting into the water here and today was ideal temperature for escaping to an under-water idyllia (word borrowed from mother-in-law).

Something always occurs to me when I come to Goat Island… How much of an Alien I feel in the world of fish and other swimmy things… There are times where I completely kid myself and chase a fish or two ACTUALLY thinking that I have ANY chance of catching up to one! Today I saw what was probably the LARGEST Blue Maomao that I have ever seen… it was HUGE!!! I followed it for a wee way and then thought , for some reason, that I would try and touch it… my hand probably moved about 2mm before it shot off never to be found again…

What is it about our human-ness that makes us think that these creatures are in OUR world!!! When you go underwater somewhere like Goat Island – you are immediately whatever the equivilent of a “fish-out-of-water” is on land…. I imagine you are like a “human-in-the-sea” (I admit it doesn’t sound quite as catchy). I must be completely arrogant to think I have a chance of catching anything remotely fishy just by placing two pieces of rubberised plastic on my feet, a cheap “made-in-china” and “purchased-in-Malta” mask with a long, thin tube to keep me all aired-up…

I think this has some application for us as we think more and more about how we want to influence the world around us? Do we get a tattoo or a piercing to be relevant to those around us? Do I by shares in the local pub with the amount of $$$ we send their way in an effort to be all relevant and stuff… I think I need to learn (and maybe some of you?) to be the best ME that I can be… I need to give the people around me permission to be themselves, by ACTUALLY being myself too… That way we aren’t perpetuating some myth that to be a follower of Jesus, you have to be all perfect and goody-two-shoes… Tonight at church they had a sermon on DVD by Louis Giglio and the basic thrust was that what we do with our lives really doesn’t matter – what we choose to do with our hearts is really what matters!!! God is more concerned with our heart than with our arms or belly-buttons!!! I think it makes a good point – strive for balance in everything don’t tip the scales of relevance either side – all church no play, or all play – no church – somewhere in the middle is uber-important!


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