#76/365 – Driven


What drives you? Today I went to a funeral for a fantastic man who at 80 years old, has lead a truly driven and full-on life! a few short facts:

  • At 15 years old started his first boys’ brigade company – he was made a sergeant as he wasn’t old enought to be captain.
  • He re-built 5 church buildings around New Zealand…
  • He was a leader in Boys’ Brigade for 65 years – that is OVER HALF of the life of Boys’ Brigade.
  • Up until he passed away, he was still ACTIVE in his local BB
  • He was a Chaplain in the NZ Army stationed in Malaysia and Vietnam during some major conflicts
  • He has lost people close to him, but managed to cling to a steadfast faith through it all

I think that I am the better for having met the Rev Harry Shaw, ONZM… I never had opportunity to REALLY get to know him, but did share a car journey for a couple of hours once and just listened to some amazing things! I am grateful for that time and hope that I can have as many colourful stories when I am nearing 80!Life is always filled with opportunities… what drives us to take them as they come is entirely up to us… we can choose to make a difference, or float like a tumbleweed through life…I know what I want to choose!!!


2 thoughts on “#76/365 – Driven

  1. Since you switched to WordPress, the RSS reader in Apple Mail has stopped loading your photos in the viewer. Just letting you know I’m now showing a greater commitment to view your blog lol!Big up the Mill House Massif

  2. I think I might know why… I will try posting the way I WAS doing the pics again… I have a plugin in WordPress that allows me to get the pic straight from flickr – but I will try going back to copying and pasting the code… let me know how it goes! đŸ™‚

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