#78/365 – If I were a teddy bear


Leaving your mark is something that I have always aimed to do wherever I have worked. I have had the absolute pleasure of being Youth Pastor or Chaplain to some amazing people all around the world. I have always aimed to leave on good terms, and with a fresh perspective in the lives of the people I come in contact with.

This little bear was a gift from some very cool young people at Davenant Foundation School in Essex where I was the Chaplain. I was only there for one year thanks to the fantastic news of Emily announcing her pending arrival… if that hadn’t happened, I know I definitely would still be at Davenant! The thing that amazes me after a year and a half of being back in NZ, is that I am still getting messages and Facebook/Myspace Comments from these lovely kids and I am stoked that I was able to leave a lasting impression… I was nearly in tears a couple of weeks ago when I got the following message on Facebook:

Hello this is 11t from davenant. We are doing an assembly on people of faith that have influenced us and we thought of you! We were wondering if you had the time if you would record a short video for us on faith and your memories of davenant.

Here is the Video I made them…

I love making a difference, and I love it when people make the effort to let you know you have been a help… My challenge to you today is to e-mail/message/text/call someone that has been influential in your life and let them know that they mean the world to you!!! That’s your homework – I wanna hear your stories in the comments section of this post – who is your legend person? Why? don’t be shy!!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “#78/365 – If I were a teddy bear

  1. ITS RON ALBERG!!!!!!!!Ah, the fun jimmy and I had making him for you!!!We miss you too!!!xxxx

  2. Haha Jimmy – I believe your (Ron’s) words are as follows:"Hi Al… lovely weather here in England. It’s well good, innit? Bye, and good luck from Davenant"

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