#79/365 – Peekaboo


There is something about growing up that seems to get lost on us adults… something that we seem to forget with the ebbing and flowing tide that is each year we face. When was the last time that you did something for the FIRST TIME??? How often do we step outside of our comfort zone into a place where we are totally out of our depth?Emily almost has a new FIRST thing every day… and I am truly enjoying the exciting world that she is discovering as I see it through her gorgeous blue eyes… She loves Peekaboo – something that I think we all did with our parents and something that seems genetically programmed into adults when they come in contact with little kids!!!Seeing her first crawling, and first steps, and first teeth, first grazed knee, first time when she gives you a kiss when you ask her for one… all of these things we will never see again… crawling is something from the ark to Emily – yet to us, it was only a few months ago!I hope that there are many new firsts for you… Adulthood doesn’t need to be exempt from fresh and exciting experiences… some I have experienced in the last few years are… My first (and only) Wedding as a groom… My first time living in another country… my first baby being born… my first and probably last time jumping out of a plane… my first time hiking on a glacier… the list is thankfully endless… the world is there to be chased after and dreams are there to be dreamed… go with boldness, courage and an appreciation of the newness of your experiences… 🙂


One thought on “#79/365 – Peekaboo

  1. Lovely little pic………it is nearly time for me to go back to UK …. I go with SO many super little moments to remember and relive when I am thousands of miles away… Mum and Nanna

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