#82/365 – Out to Dry


Christine and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day… well… we do say nice things to each other, but the whole idea of a day to do what we should be living out in our lives anyway… doesn’t quite add up to me…

I think this shot is a bit tongue in cheek… Getting hung out to dry for not doing the normal thing and contributing to the ever growing pockets of the floristry industry and hallmark!


“Shopping”[CHORUS:]Well you know that it’s going to be alrightI think it’s gonna be alrightEverything will always be alrightWhen we go shoppingWell you know that it’s going to be alrightWhen we go shoppingIt’s always lalalalala…Shopping spree beginIt’s always lalalalala…Everybody winsSo shutupAnd never stopLet’s shopUntil we drop[CHORUS]It’s always lalalalala…Shopping never endIt’s always lalalalala…Shopping with our friendsShopping once againIt’s always lalalalala… [x4]It’s never enoughUntil you’ve got all the stuffWhen the going gets roughJust shop with somebody tough[CHORUS (x2)]It’s always…When we go shopping [x3]It’s always lalalalala… [repeat to fade]

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