#84/365 – Out like a light


I love the little positions that Emily manages to get herself into when she sleeps… I snuck into her room and she was at a 45º angle to the mattress… asleep on top of her arm, with the other arm all over the place… 🙂 I hope she was comfortable, and does anyone know how to start your daughter off in a career as a contortionist?

Being flexible is a big part of surviving today… rigidity is great if you are a front-row forward in the All-Blacks, but with the millions of personalities we have to navigate in life, it pays to be able to meet people where they are at… I think at times our rigidity in life can get in the way of clearly seeing God in the way that He might want to present Himself to us… We have set ideas, cultures, habits and lifestyles that just don’t allow for God coming in and messing them up… I dare you to let him… As my lovely wife will testify, cleanliness is not one of my strengths… I hope that the whole ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ proverb isn’t true… I will be in the poo!


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