#85/365 – A Clove a day, keeps Dr Acula away


I thought I would try a still-life shot tonight so I cut up a Paper Box and covered it with Baking Paper to make a softbox and cut a hole in it to stick in a Halogen light… I was pretty stoked with the results generally!

Garlic is a funny thing… SOOOO tasty in your food, but it generally still oozes out your pores for days afterwards… I have a natural aversion to Onions, so HATE cutting them – as an act of love to my darling wife, I give it a go when cooking, cos she likes it… but I have noticed that it takes a few days with onions to get rid of the HORRIBLE smell on my fingers… I will go to pick something up and suddenly get a whiff… gosh-darn it I hate that about garlic and onions…

Life sometimes brings things that ‘stain’ us just like the horrible smell of an onion… things that stick to us and we can’t seem to get away from the stinkness… Habits or attitudes towards ourselves that we have gotten used to… Things that might have happened to us that bring huge shame or knock our self-esteem for six… things that have somehow become part of us… I LOVE that in my relationship with Jesus, I don’t have to put up with a lifestyle of stinking… he sets me free and offers me FREEDOM from the stench of Sin in my life and that is absolutely LEGENDARY!!! He is like a great Chef that can takes ingredients that on their own are yuck, and forms them lovingly and caringly into a Cordon-Bleu feast.

I wouldn’t be where I am in the world today without having let the Master-Chef play around with all the ingredients that make up ME… and turning them into a beautiful meal that hopefully gets better with age!


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