#86/365 – Hammer Time


DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse graffiti – it is destructive, annoying and anti-social!!!

That said, this is still incredibly funny!!! 🙂 Sometimes you just have to laugh! I love to laugh and I love to have people around me that make me laugh… I have a friend that I THINK, might believe he is Dr Cox from Scrubs – cos today he called me Alison… I am just waiting for him to call me Newby next time I see him… 🙂 I got him back though – I called him Andrea… Not exactly the funniest interchange you will ever come across, but we WERE in a school playground when we exchanged our little name-callings… You know you have a lifelong friend when you feel comfortable enough to call them a girls name… unless of course they ARE a girl… then it is just kinda, well… normal…

I hope you have people around you that crack you up… It makes the world a better place!!! 🙂


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