#91/365 – BABEL


I love my job – last night I got to go observe one of our new ICONZ units in Pukekohe… they were having tons of fun! 🙂 This was a competition to build the highest unsupported tower… 🙂 I think it looks stunning in Black and White and with a bit of moody grain added! 🙂

I am glad that I don’t have to go through life as an unsupported tower – I have people in life that are my biggest fans and advocates, that believe in me and want the best for me… I hope you have people that take this role in YOUR life!!! 🙂 If not… then start the process going, by BEING that kind of person in other people’s lives… you will soon see that that kind of relationship is usually a two-way-street. This is not saying that I am promoting that you do something good to GET something out of it – cos truth be told, that isn’t really a relationship at all… but the attitude and life-choice of looking out for others USUALLY brings out the best in us – and people are drawn to that… a change occurs in our hearts and souls and people are grateful for our genuineness… 🙂 Go on – GIVE IT A GO! 🙂

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