#93/365 – Round Three

I would REALLY LIKE to send you a link to my friend Jared’s blog about his trip to Zambia to treat sick people with his lovely wife Hannah… Jared and Hannah are both Doctory type people… BUT, as much as I would REALLY want you to visit their blog about it – I have the much less enjoyable task of suggesting you visit Jared’s Boredom Blog which he is writing as he undergoes Chemotherapy to treat the bowel cancer that was discovered just prior to their scheduled departure date (on the day before his Birthday too!!!)…

Jared and Hannah are “big-picture” people and are realistically, but positively facing up to the journey they are on together. Today I shared a brief part of that journey and found encouragement where there could easily and understandably have been sorrow… there may be much pain, a bit of doubt and a few hard-questions, but I see little DESPAIR… Full credit to Hannah and Jared. If you are the praying type, I am sure they would happily appreciate a few on their behalf! πŸ™‚

Please do visit Jared’s blog – we can never know what it is like to be in his shoes… but reading through the things that Jared is processing gives you an appreciation of the processes and lifestyle that facing up to Cancer involves. The drugs, the set-backs and minor triumphs all contribute to what I am sure is one crazy and challenging roller-coaster ride. You won’t find any “Woe is Me” stuff on there… just basic bits and pieces of the world that Jared is navigating at the moment – things he finds funny, useful or interesting on a daily basis… every now and then you will harvest an amazing pearl of wisdom or insight that might just change your life.

I have the upmost respect for this amazing couple (that would kick me if I put them on some crazy pedestal) – they are living out the kind of lifestyle that I hope we all can aspire to – a life where nothing is taken for granted and everything is appreciated. There is a great quote in Shawshank Redemption when Red confronts life on the outside… he says: “You can get busy living, or you can get busy dying”… I think I know what life Jared has chosen!


9 thoughts on “#93/365 – Round Three

  1. […] a day for a year, and today he featured me. I’d recommend seeing his blog which you can find HERE…. You can also support him if you like his photos and buy some as well […]

  2. You know Jared!!! That shouldn’t really surprise me, actually … Auckland is a small place. Thanks for pointing out his blog πŸ™‚ How do you guys know each other?I worked with Jared at ESR (actually, I think I was the one who employed him originally).I was just wondering the other day how he’s getting on. Our little Christian group at work has been praying for him, and for the impact that his journey has had (and will continue to have) on some of our workmates.Thanks Al!

  3. Hey Anna – Jared and I knew each other back in my Teenage years at Easter camps in Palmy… I was a few years older, so may have actually been more my very late teens/Early 20s… caught up again through the wonders of Facebook! πŸ™‚

  4. Ah, of course – Palmy! Where everyone knows … everyone πŸ™‚ I should have guessed.And in other news … you wanna have lunch sometime (since I cancelled on you last time)??

  5. That sounds lovely – let me know when you are free and I will see what I am up to – will have a couple of days off this week… so may be the week after – but just whatever suits! πŸ™‚

  6. Dear Jared, I was privileged to hear your interview on Radio Rhema yesterday morning. My heart and thoughts go out to you and I wanted you to know that you and Hannah are in my prayers. I am a stranger to you, who feels blessed to be able to send you Gods love at this time. I am a very happily married 60 year old who has always had God as my "first love", and I know that with all the challenges that 60 years can bring, nothing could prepare me for what you are dealing with. Please be assured that I have you in my prayers and trust that today has been a good day.God bless, Lois Burt

  7. Hi lois, Thanks for your comments. If you would like to keep up with how things are doing with me, you can go to http://jarednoel.wordpress.com . I put regular updates on there with my progress. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

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