#94/365 – Beached AS Bro…


I travelled to Papamoa Beach today for a fantastic meeting with a few guys from BB and ICONZ… it is great when you are tasked with dreaming big dreams and planning big plans – there is something about being involved in creating new and exciting things that really floats my boat!!! We were asked to plan and confirm our new ICONZ programme for teenagers – something that has been a bit of a journey before now – and our goal for the weekend was a finished “product”… What we came up with was something new and exciting, that will shape the futures of many teenage boys that may have been heading into a life of contributing to all the wrong statistics in society!

Sitting around hoping that someone will do something about the problems of tomorrow is not something that I want to be involved with… standing up and trying to build a new culture and a new destiny for our young men in New Zealand is exciting, yet hugely challenging… I hope that you have dreams and goals for your world that get you super-excited when you wake up in the morning – where there is no vision, the people perish… Get out there and don’t settle for an arm-chair view of the world – get up close and personal and shape the world with those around you!!!

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