#95/365 – Why won’t she pick up?


This one is out of the “It’s MY issue – not HERS” basket…

I have BEST MATES on my Vodafone plan with my darling wife as my BEST MATE… It means that I can call her as much as I like without eating in to my free minutes on my call plan – so today I was calling about 5 times over an hour trying to hook something up with Christine and I was getting frustrated cos she wasn’t picking up and I was thinking to myself: “What’s the point of having this stupid plan if she never has her phone with her….” I am going to tell you why… she had the audacity to actually go to work and fix people up in A&E rather than sit around waiting for me to call… I had to eat a bit of internal HUMBLE PIE… of course I knew that she was at work… I just didn’t put 2 and 2 together… I was getting annoyed for my own forgetfulness!!!

How many times do we get annoyed at those around us for stupid reasons… I mean really… How stupid is it for me to assume that my lovely wife is intentionally ignoring my calls… I remember someone (Mick Duncan I think) explaining a great system for dealing with conflict or tough stuff as observed in the life of Nehemiah… When Nehemiah received the news that the walls around Jerusalem had been destroyed… he sat down in ash and dressed in sackcloth (a mourning behaviour in Bible times)… What the point was is this: Nehemiah received bad news – his first reaction was to process the grief, and then move into action… When we go through something tough or annoying, it is SOOOOO important to give ourselves space to process the emotional side of things before springing into action… if we react first and process things later, we risk way more issues arising… So next time there is no answer on the end of the phone – have a good cry, and then go check your diary for your wife’s work roster!!! 🙂


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