#96/365 – I Spy with my little eye…


Christine is in there – I promise – watching the dull and somewhat painful to the eyes/ears/all other senses “Grey’s Anatomy” – I seized the opportunity to go outside and enjoy some star-gazing and take some photos – wasn’t frightfully excited about the star shots… just ordinary to be fair – but to be fair – so is this shot… I guess we can’t expect everything to be stunning all the time – or maybe it’s the fact that I have a bit of a flu coming down!!! One more little road-trip to go and I am taking a couple of days off… will catch up on some music stuff, some speaking at Easter Camp stuff… and maybe buy some wood for my deck! 🙂


2 thoughts on “#96/365 – I Spy with my little eye…

  1. i honestly wasnt watching grety anatomy!! Started to then it got so terrible so i turned it off…. Hey i cant see myself in this pic tho….behind the curtains maybe!

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