#101/365 – Oh how the mighty have fallen…


Trees are jolly useful things… and I just had a batch of what used to be trees arrive at my house ready to become a fancy deck… I know a few things about trees… silly little facts… did you know that the Pinus Radiata species of pine tree grows three times faster in New Zealand thank in it’s native California? How crazy is that… I hope that when we end up in new places we have the ability to thrive… we always crave what is so familiar and comfortable – maybe we are missing out on new and exciting growth opportunities outside of our comfort zone? Just a thought… 🙂


One thought on “#101/365 – Oh how the mighty have fallen…

  1. I have lived a life of moving a lot and getting uncomfortable and having to establish yourself in a new environment has always bought with a rich amount of growth. I am baout to move again… so thanks for this it reminded me of how good the process is for me…cheersGeoffwww.geofftalbot.wordpress.com

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