#105/365 – There is only one RED


I have long been keen on a good red… My fav is a Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz from the Hunter Valley in Oz… mostly because my Mum and I did a little winery tour back in 1996 that seems to have left quite an impression on me… it was a fantastic day… Topped off by the fact that we were able to attend the final Crowded House Concert at the Sydney Opera House later that evening! What a memory!

I have been umming-and-ahhhing about whether to put a shot like this up for a while – I think it is quite a striking shot… I know that in some sense, I don’t want to lead anyone astray… so I will make sure I suggest the idea of MODERATION when it comes to the odd tipple!!! 🙂 I enjoy the taste, but ALWAYS limit my intake to maximise the enjoyability factor! I don’t have a big issue with Alcohol because it has always been a part of my life… I was brought up where it was just a part of life – no special deal for us… as such, I have never felt the need to REBEL or anything like that – to be honest – it always seemed a bit whoop-de-doo to me! (Although Christine lead me astray at an All-inclusive hotel in Tunisia!)


2 thoughts on “#105/365 – There is only one RED

  1. Super choice…. I trained you well in food and wine … great cuisine tutor … your mum!!!!!!!

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