#117/365 – Magnolia


It never ceases to amaze me what I drive past every day, and seldom stop to look at – why bother having plants and flowers around if I am not going to stop and appreciate them every now and then!!!???

What goes on in the world around me that I don’t notice because I am heading somewhere else – a conversation with a neighbour? A little more than a hello at the check-out? Maybe even more than a how was your shift? with your wife? One of the things I am learning on this Photo-journey is to slow down and look around me – many of the pictures I have taken so far have been of the ordinary mundane things in my home and property – or of very familiar places to me… very seldom do we find the time to actually look at what is around us! How much of my relationship with my Creator is sacrificed to the world of cruise-mode? Is it possible I am missing out on fantastic nuggets because I spend most of my time heading somewhere else?

food for thought!


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