#120/365 – 3…2…1… BLAST OFF!!!


Well I know that 2 days in a row now I have had a big blue sky in my pic of the day – I make no apologies cos I am treasuring the weather in expectation of another horrible Auckland Winter! 🙂 Gone are the dreams of beaches and barbeques – HELLO the world of heaters and umbrellas!

Blast off is today’s theme and I would submit a challenge to you in this year. Half the world are getting ready to batten down the hatches for winter, and the other half are preparing for those hazy lazy crazy days of summer – Or if you live in England, you are probably battening down the hatches for summer!!! hehe… What is going on in your life that you would benefit from a big booster rocket sitting underneath you and letting rip (not in the flatulent sense)… What dreams do you have that currently are anchored to the ground? What could go REALLY well for you with something or someone to give you a big motivational kick-start? Whatever it is that you are hoping for, my prayer is that your dreams will be HUGE! That you will be excited and passionate about them and learn to use your gifts and abilities to make the world a better place!

If you like – I can give out my size 10s in strategic locations!


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