#121/365 – Heart of Gold II (a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy “in-joke”…


I am a bit of a fan of Douglas Adams’ Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series – just finished reading his Biography… an interesting guy with his fingers in many different pies – he died to soon and in living, became seriously typecast in his writing. Everything he ever did was forever doomed to be analysed through the lens of Hitchhiker’s Guide! This is something that I think he found to be most annoying! Any creative person hates to get bundled into a little box!

How often is our greatest strength, also our biggest weakness? For Mr Adams, it seemed that the vehicle that created his fame, was almost responsible for struggles later on in his career – a bit of a catch-22… I think as well – there are actors that take on roles that will probably mean they can’t ever be taken seriously in any other role – Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker – Poor Daniel Radcliffe is still young, but won’t he just forever be Harry Potter? There are hundreds of actors that unfortunately, will forever be pop-icons – seasonal bits and bobs that will grace our screens for such a short time.

In our life, we often fail in the areas we are most succesful in – something of an achilles heel mentality… Personally, my tendency to enjoy being upfront and in the limelight, is also the area I have to forever find ways to keep myself grounded in… Having honest people in your life that can tell you when you are getting to big for your boots is really helpful… I would be interested to hear what you think – do you have a strength that can also be a vulnerability?


One thought on “#121/365 – Heart of Gold II (a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy “in-joke”…

  1. I am new and just starting a blog. I am sure impressed with the blog and your writing. I also took some time and looked at you photos and they are outstanding. I am still stumbling around in the program so if you see anything that may help my blog please email me.

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