#126/365 – Red Childhood


Another trip down memory lane for today’s photo! A flickr group I belong to had a RED theme for their monthly challenge – and I thought that I would take a pic with ole Optimus here… He was a hugely welcome gift when I was about 9 or something… He is STILL the coolest Transformer there ever was… even though he is missing his Hands now… and the truck’s trailer transforms, but misses the rocket launcher… I think I still have the little buggy… I probably should have taken more care eh?

Isn’t it funny that as time goes on, things can go missing in our lives? People… Memories… Remote Controls… Facebook is funny – I have caught up with people from old schools, churches and workplaces – so it seems people can be found… that also helps with the memories we lost – some come back through friends sharing… but where the heck is the remote control!?


One thought on “#126/365 – Red Childhood

  1. Great notes and it always fun to remember the past. It is wonderful that you still have the toy. Yesterday I read and newspaper article about me 50 years ago. It gave me a funny feeling.

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