#133/365 – The First Cut is the Deepest…


Today’s picture is something that cuts me pretty deeply… Emily had her first little tumble yesterday whilst trying to stand on her tip-toes to see the neighbour’s dog… She faceplanted on the concrete driveway off the steps leading up to our house and today bears a rather nasty little scar down her face! She was pretty upset… and had a fair amount of blood oozing out! It is really hard seeing someone that I love SO MUCH, in pain!

I find it strange timing that as I write this, it is coming up to Easter – a time when I remember someone else that I care about very much, enduring unfathomable suffering. I am sitting typing this as I watch “The Passion of the Christ” which I have to admit, is turning my insides all around!!! I am looking forward to sharing at an Easter Camp in Feilding over this Easter time and really sense that there are great opportunities to encourage a whole bunch of young people to live lives that change the world aroung them… Living lives in service of a risen saviour!!!

God Bless you all this Easter – Enjoy the chocolate, but don’t let the occasion stop there!!! Do some reading about the Easter Story and MAYBE even find a church service to attend!!!

3 thoughts on “#133/365 – The First Cut is the Deepest…

  1. I am glad she is ok and you will always remember this Easter. I can remember when our kids got hurt. We have a busy Sunday plan for this week and yes Chruch is part of it. I should be able to visit you work a little more often now since we have the computor virus fixed.

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