#147/365 – Can I sell you a car?


I reckon I look a bit too-much like a car salesman in this shot… 🙂 See the look of blind hope in those eyes? “Make my Day?” they seem to be crying out!

When I first started using Facebook – it was awesome catching up with people and seeing what they were up to! I loved it – I was a fairly early adopter and it has grown to be something that I value in terms of keeping “involved” in the lives of the people I have met over the years… somewhat removed of course… but LATELY… there have been several things that are peeing me off!!! There is now an annoying abundance of stupid things that are just so out of the real world that it’s not funny… can you remember the last time you sat down with friends over a coffee – enjoying pleasant and stimulating conversation and then suddenly someone shouts at the top of their lungs “My CELEBRITY TWIN IS VANESSA HUDGENS” (not picking on anyone, just went to facebook and that was the first one in my list)… Why on earth do we need these things… one survey told me that my ideal job is a photographer – rightio then – off I go to quit and take photos for a living – FACEBOOK has spoken!

I used to be able to read what a lot of people were thinking, doing or processing… now all I seem to get is celebrity quizzes and game results! I am starting to very much NOT enjoy facebook – it is becoming too much about Time-wasting and not enough about connecting with friends, colleagues and acquaintances!!! There was value to networking in the old ways of facebook – before it became so… well… stupid! I think there used to be an age-bias to these things… Bebo was for 12 year olds… Myspace for teens and Facebook for the grown-ups… well… maybe the beboers and myspacers have grown up and are now facebookers suffer the demise of what was once a pure idea, that became corrupted by it’s own size!

I would be interested in your ideas and opinions about this – is this possibly why Twitter is becoming the next thing – like Facebook, but without all the mess and clutter? I was all anti-twitter until I just thought about this… Hmmmm…


5 thoughts on “#147/365 – Can I sell you a car?

  1. Wholly agree with you. Haven’t yet formulated my own opinions about it yet, but my feelings are the same as yours. If what you said is true, then all those Bebo-ers grew up blinking quick! I think there should be an age limit on – once you leave school then you can upgrade to Facebook!Twitter… its a whole other beast. Its more like an email system I’ve found. I send a heck of a lot more quick messages on Twitter than I do on email. And whats more, you still get the same level of status updates which I love. The only problem is, not as many of my mates use it as they do FB.The thing I love about Twitter though is its all open. There are no limits – they’ve opened up the API so people can develop apps and web-apps that enhance Twitter. Not to mention the huge number of great little clients that remove Twitter from the webpage. I can’t remember the last time I actually went to twitter.com!Wow… so maybe I should make my "day" post about this too…!?

  2. Sooo true Al… why would 15 friends becoming fans of drinking hot chocolate ever be a ‘highlight’? Have they only just discovered the sweet hot beverage and thought "Wow you’re amazing I’m going to buy all your CD’s and look on eBay for tickets to your sold out tour"?

  3. I agree with alot about what you stated, but it is nice for my wife and myself to keep track of many of the students that we have had over the past 30 years.

  4. Hey Al,Agree with most of it – I stopped using bebo cause I hated the time-wasting, quiz obsession, prettycolours and general teenageness of it all. I liked old facebook for its simplicity, simple layout, and it was great to see friends status updates and what they were up too. Today I got SO annoyed – I couldn’t see what anyone was up to – as ONE girl had taken twenty stupid quizzes that took up my whole homepage! So much for keeping in touch.I think its all the application stuff that has ruined it, the ‘rating friends’ quizzes, games and the like. Too much clutter that distracts from the real purpose of easy communication. I enjoy seeing "*Name* is struggling with CHEM101 or *Name* just won dragonboating* as opposed to "*Name* will die in a zombie apocalypose according to this quiz.(I’m doing my media assignment on the negative and positive implications of social networking sites – any thoughts give me a flick!)Sonya Clark

  5. Hey Sonya! :)In terms of the negative implications of Social Networking – people can’t talk face to face so much these days – they HATE to speak without a backspace key or with a pair of eyes checking them out! 🙂

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