#148/365 – Carnage at the Track


So today I went to Mission Kids for the “Boys’ Day Out”… We watched the movie Cars, played the Cars Xbox game and raced slot-cars and go-karts… I love that there are universal languages that speak to us all… for many blokes it is speed, wind-rushing-past-your-ears and horsepower… for others a spot of rugby or something… There is something very “tim-the-toolman-taylory” in us all and we all want MORE POWER!!!

I am not sure what the universal language for girls is… I think it involves make-up and pampering! I know that my wife wouldn’t be too stoked if I turned up with a couple of Top-Gear DVDs for a night in!!! HEY – Funny remembery-type thing time!!!

My very first date with my gorgeous babe of a wife was to the Driving Range!!! We had an awesome time and I highly recommend this option for any budding daters out there for a first date… if it is going really badly – at least there are tons of balls to smash… but if it is going WELL… “Let me show you how to hold the club…” (as you reach around and grab her hands and practice a swing or two – IT’S JUST LIKE A HUG!!! How cool is that – never let it be said that this blog isn’t helpful!!!) Nudge Nudge Wink Wink – say no more! ANYWAY… for our second date I thought I would pull the sensitive new-age guy card out of the pocket and suggested we sacrifice the ALL-BLACK game that was on that Saturday for a nice romantic comedy and dinner option… I nearly proposed on the spot when Christine replied to my suggestion: “Heck no – the RUGBY’s on!!!!” How’s that for a role-reversal!

SO there you have it… different things float our boat… and we are actually wired that way… heaven help us when we have to find some way to cross the gender barrier… finding movies that don’t make me vomit and that don’t scare the willies out of my wife can be hazardous at time – but the journey is more exciting than the destination!

The post-script to the story about the rugby is that: Christine doesn’t actually like rugby… she WANTED ME TO BE INTO RUGBY… We had luckily reached a good comprimise – I wowed her with an awesome dinner and we watched the rugger at my place… It must have been a good feed, cos I have no idea what the score was in the AB’s game – but I happily remember Chicken Thighs stuffed with Camembert and Cranberry and wrapped in bacon served on a Kumara/Potato mash with fresh Green Beans… I also remember the way Christine smelled and what she wore that night… I think she was just happy that I was into rugby! šŸ™‚


One thought on “#148/365 – Carnage at the Track

  1. Very intersting story. I am glad to hear that you have a special day to do what you want to do. Good image to go with the writting.

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