#151/365 – The Unsung Hero


Did you know that for every single picture (apart from this one) that I ever took with Camera in Hand… I used this little baby!!!??? Talk about an unsung hero… We all comment on people that have the “Photographic Eye” but WHO ever gives credit to people with the Photographic FINGER? Poor little finger!

This finger is also REALLY useful for giving people out in the occasional game of cricket and has also been very helpful in typing many letters on a keyboard… It is great at tasting icing or cakemix… It provides 50% of the support needed by my guitar pick and we won’t even mention other types of picking!!! (gross)… I wouldn’t be able to jokingly make an L-sign on my forehead either without this baby!!! I never knew my little pointy finger was soooo much a part of my life! :)If ever I need a visual aid in counting to 1, this finger is my first port of call! In the old days when we only had a phone with a dial on it… who do you think it was that did the bulk of the dialling work – that’s right – this little baby!!!

It makes me think of all the people that at some stage or another have been happy to be in the background of my life, and take joy in the moments when I do anything great… The people that saw potential in me and gave me opportunities to shine, when I am CERTAIN they probably could have done a much more efficient and presentable job themselves… the first people to let me play my guitar in church never knew where it would lead, but they let me go for it anyway… The first church to let me preach in… the First church to HIRE me to work with young people… all of these people or groups have given me so much encouragement and opportunity that I know I would have been nothing without them! 🙂

(Now if only there was the FIRST wife to let me get the D300 camera upgrade…)

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