#152/365 – All is calm, all is bright


My Garden looks pretty peaceful tonight… with the help of a few candles and doing something that I find really relaxing and rewarding!!! Silent Night sprang to mind!!!

It has been a while since I really sat back and considered what there is to be calm about – when you are chilled out as a lifestyle choice, it is usually other people’s problems that “stress” you out. Finance is something that seems to be such a lens that society is viewed through in this time… New phrases such as “Credit Crunch” hit our screens and create the usual media frenzy and contribute to the fear that sells newspapers and advertising slots!

If I am really honest – I am not that worried about the credit crunch… without being rude or judgemental, it seems to be hitting those that have lived far beyond their means for some time now… We live pretty simple and as a result, I sleep well at night knowing that the things I have, or more often than not, DON’T have – aren’t things that define me! My identity rests solely in the hands of my creator – it is the fact that I am valued and in a relationship with my Creator that drives me to make a difference… and this alone fuels my sense of “Self-Esteem”!

I hope that you are able to find a place where you aren’t defined by the clubs you belong to, the job you do, or the family you are a part of… It is a nice place to be, just being me… Someone that is valued by their Creator and longs to pass this sense of value on to others in a relevant, loving and timely way! 🙂


One thought on “#152/365 – All is calm, all is bright

  1. I feel the same about the people that lived beyond there means. It seems like the ones that tried to live within their means are be punished more than the others. Being retired, it seems like this may not effect us. We are living the same as we planned many yearsw ago. (But it is a simple life with alot of traveling.) We are planning to leave for the Northwest on May 6.

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