#153/365 – Ripe for a crunchin’


I really LOVED the joy of Autumn when I was growing up in Cromwell… it was a time when each new season brought with it the joy of whatever came your way… we hadn’t learned to have a preference because summer was better or Winter was awesomer… we just took each day as it came! Autumn ALWAYS brought with it the joy of leaf fights at our school. There was a HUGE Walnut tree that used to dump it’s leaves outside our classroom and if you were to interrupt me and tell me that Summer was better – I definitely would have told you what I thought of that!!! (You may have just had a bunch of leaves shoved down your back or dumped over your head!)

Wherever you are in the world, and I KNOW some of you are about to have a summer – I hope that you can take that attitude we used to have as kids and savour each moment you are blessed with… make the most of every opportunity and don’t miss out on the joy of the world around you because you are looking for a brighter day somewhere else! I know that life has its’ complications as we get older – but surely we can cling on to those little dreams we used to have and take life by the horns and have a heck of a lot of fun in the process!!! 🙂


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