#158/365 – Hello? Is there anybody there?


Sometimes we feel really alone… I was thinking about the time that I lived in London, a town of 11 Million people, yet a place where I could at times, feel really on my own and isolated…

I wrote a really bad song called “Alone in London” which had the chorus:Where do you go when you’re alone in London?Who do you turn to, Who is your friend?And if you stayed a while, do you think you’d get a smileFrom the people on Oxford Street?People are so busy today that many of us feel completely alone in a world that is more crowded than it has ever been… How bizarre is that? When Christine went back to NZ for 10 weeks and suddenly I was "alone" it was really quite hard… I mean there were people that were really friendly to me and made a huge effort to look out for me – but the sense of not having a ‘place’ of comfort and acceptance was really quite umm… interesting.Without the fantastic friend I lived with, the neighbours we had (Go the Jarvises!!!) , the workplace and people I shared my work life with I would have gone nuts… I think the worst I felt was when I found out that we were “expecting” Emily and Christine was back in NZ, and I was in England… not exactly the Movie storyline where she comes home and shares with me the “pitter-patter” of little feet scenario!!! :)I hope that wherever you are that you are around people that you care about, and more importantly that care about you!!! 🙂

  • People that will cook and invite you over (The FAB Poultney’s)…
  • people that will help you share your first ever effort at Roast Lamb (Jon, Becca and Sarah)!!!
  • People that invite you to their family celebrations (The Farley Family)…
  • and people that just want to know about your day!!!

Without these people in my world when I was living in London, I truly would have been “alone in London”… It is great when people are willing to share a bit of life with you – and sit with you when you need to just blob! I nearly forgot to mention Rach who lent me her Family’s Nintendo 64!!!Bless all these people that have allowed me to share a smile and a story that will remain special to me forever!!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “#158/365 – Hello? Is there anybody there?

  1. There is a old saying that says "Take a little time and smell the roses." Maybe some people should

  2. ‘Twas our pleasure and honour!Plus it was handy living near a nurse when my elbow stopped working that one Saturday after football 😉

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