#161/365 – Naughtiness Personified


I am supposed to wear these when I am reading – but I seldom do! They spend a great deal of time in my Laptop Backpack and I never wear them! For some reason today I thought I would…Isn’t it funny how reluctant we are to do things that help us sometimes? I definitely feel better after a long time at the computer when I wear my glasses – but most of the time I am too lazy! I have the same laziness when I consider Excercise… Eating when noone else is home… Shaving… all these things I can be a little bit lazy on… yet when I do them – I actually feel so much better…I think we all have things in our lives that seem to hard, or inconvenient – but are actually very good for us… 🙂 I hope I can be a little more proactive with some things – surely my family deserve better than lazy?


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